Our team is deeply passionate about the transformative power of boxing and fitness, committed to providing high-quality training, fitness programs, and an empowering community that supports our members' growth
Ty Colman
Boxing, Fitness

I originally started Competitive Boxing and Fitness at 21 years old to be my facility to train at when training for competition boxing.

Over 15 years, my team and I have created our strong brand in the boxing and fitness industry here in Perth. I have also been very active in the Professional boxing industry, promoting Perth’s premier professional boxing events for almost a decade and hosting over 25 events in showcasing the elite Australian boxing talent. Many of the boxers I worked with and promoted at my events are current and former world champions by major boxing organisations. Many other local talents I worked with were recognised as Top 15 globally, rated by WBA, WBO, and IBF major boxing organisations.

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Mick Lance
Strength & Conditioning Head Coach
Boxing, Strength, Fitness

At the gym, Mick is known to be the voice of reason – he will be heard!

  • 22yrs Amateur & Pro experience
  • Strength & conditioning specialist
  • Helping people enjoy exercise through boxing & strength
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Troy Sabetta
Head Boxing/Competition Coach
Advanced Boxing, Competitions

At the gym, Troy is known to bring the dad jokes with a “Troy” spin to them. 

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Chezni Watson
Member Services & Event Planner
Operations, Events

All things member experience and organiser of all the fun things at Competitive Boxing & Fitness, from awards, social media, events and daily tasks that make our gym as awesome as it is today!

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