Explore our diverse range of classes and sessions designed to boost your boxing skills and enhance your fitness journey.


Boxing is accessible to all fitness levels, and no experience is required.

Each session differs from the previous one, allowing you to enjoy multiple workouts each week. Our main emphasis of these classes is learning the foundations while still working out. Sessions start with various drills (footwork, reaction, movement, boxing specific), then solid rounds on the punching bags or pad/shields with our partners, giving us all the sweat-pouring boxing sessions we love.

Boxing gloves, wraps & towels are required.


This session is for those members who have already participated in our boxing sessions and are now looking to improve their boxing skills by focusing more on partner work.

These sessions are contact based in a controlled environment with our qualified instructors. PRIOR attendance to our Boxing class is required.

You will require a mouth guard, 16oz boxing gloves, wraps and towel to participate.

ADVANCED BOXING - Elite Drills & Fight Team


In this session, you have the ability to work with our qualified boxing trainers working on advanced technique boxing drills and skills for boxing competitions.

Due to the advanced level of participants in this class, our coaches will invite you to participate - PRIOR attendance to our Boxing/Intermediate Boxing required.

You will require a mouth guard (compulsory), 16oz boxing gloves, wraps and a towel to participate.

JUNIOR BOXING (10-14yrs)

These sessions have been designed to help our next generation of children enjoy a more healthy and active life.

Teaching many principles of boxing at a young age has benefited many of our members' children in the past. Learning the boxing style is not only great for your child's fitness and well-being; it teaches them a lot about discipline and control.

Suitable for ages yrs 10-14yrs. Boxing gloves & towels are required. 


Bag Buster is 12 x 3min rounds back to back from start to finish with nothing short of sweat pouring, hard work, and high-intensity bag work consisting of combinations, exercises, skills and workout drills.

If you’re looking for a session to be pushed from start to finish, we highly recommend giving it a go!

Boxing gloves, wraps & towels are required.


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#1 Boxing Fitness class in California featured in Men's Health Magazine

You’ll have a blast learning REAL boxing technique, crushing the heavy bag & moving through strength & conditioning circuits with guided demos on the TV's to help improve your overall body strength.

Even on the most challenging days, our team will get you through it, no matter your fitness level. Every class is programmed by the best experts at Box N Burn to give you the most effective 45-minute workout possible.

Boxing gloves, wraps & towels are required.

PUNCH & HIIT - 50/50 - Boxing For Fitness & Circuit Training

Punch & HIIT is a class incorporating boxing on the bags with station circuit work in repeated bouts of short, high-intensity exercise intervals using our strength and conditioning equipment.

This is the session if you want to burn those calories. Suitable for all fitness levels, an excellent class for those looking to get back into working out and wanting a push to increase overall fitness.

Boxing gloves, wraps, and towels are required.

LIFT - Strength & Conditioning

This class is for those interested in strength training and learning the correct form and technique required when lifting weights and performing any strength-based exercises.

These sessions are programmed in phases, and progress is tracked using your programmed workout sheet, recording your progress and improvement over time. Lift safe, lift more, and get strong.

A towel is essential.


Want to build your glutes? Need better posture? Require a stronger foundation for your strength training? Or purely aesthetics?

Ultimate Glutes is a challenging yet educational class teaching you how to activate and engage the correct muscles for all your lower body movements.

A towel is essential.